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Uniquely Qualified to Support Management

We leverage our extensive experience as investors in and operators of smaller middle market companies across a broad range of industries. This experience allows us to add value to our portfolio companies by supporting senior management on key strategic and operational issues. Our management teams have direct access to the firm’s senior principals when they need consultation or support. 

Strategic Planning

We work at the Board level to assist management in developing strategies to best achieve their mission and values.

Add-on Acquisitions

We assist management in identifying and executing accretive, add-on acquisitions to support growth.


FSC utilizes its extensive network of financing sources to help portfolio companies secure the best fit financing for growth and acquisitions.

Executive Recruitment

Companies in the lower middle market often need to add senior level talent to achieve their growth objectives. We work alongside management to recruit new executives.

Management Information Systems

We often work with management to design and implement upgraded financial reporting and information systems to better service customers and improve management's ability to measure company performance.

Incentive Compensation

We work at the Board level to structure incentive compensation and equity participation programs that align management's interests with the Company's goals and allow management to have a meaningful share of the value creation.

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