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Why Business Owners Partner with Friend Skoler

Access to Capital

Our capital can be used to finance growth, acquisitions or a shareholder liquidity event.

Sharing in the Upside 

Existing shareholders can retain significant ownership and partner with FSC to create equity ownership opportunities for management and team members.

Continuity in Management

Whether FSC is a majority or a minority investor, we partner with existing management and ensure continuity so you can continue to build on what has made your business successful.

Align with a Sophisticated Investor

We have over 30 years of experience investing in the lower middle market.  When you partner with FSC you align your company with a sophisticated private equity investor who will actively help you grow your company.

Leverage our Business Network

Our portfolio companies benefit from access to our unparalleled network of strategic and financial advisors, service providers, seasoned executives and industry experts who can provide guidance on opportunities and offer solutions to the challenges faced by growing businesses.

Avoid the Risks of a Strategic Buyer

Are you concerned with sharing your confidential information with a strategic buyer who may just be "kicking the tires"?  Partnering with FSC is an alternative to taking on the risks of talking to your competition.

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