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FSC Case Studies in Building Value in Partnership with Management




PetMatrix LLC

Friend Skoler's investment in PetMatrix is a prime illustration of how FSC can partner with business founders to accelerate the growth of their business.

Iconic Group

Friend Skoler's investment in Iconic Group ("Iconic") is an example of how FSC deployed an acquisition strategy with private equity and management partners to successfully consolidate the fragmented photographic services market to create a market leading company.

Accessories Marketing, Inc.

Friend Skoler's investment in Slime is a classic example of FSC's approach to partnering with management to support growth.

Woodstream Corp.

Friend Skoler's investment in Woodstream is a textbook example of how FSC can be a value added partner to management in executing an aggressive add-on acquisition strategy.

United Pet Group

Friend Skoler's investment in United Pet Group demonstrates how FSC can work alongside another private equity sponsor to assist management in executing its growth strategies.

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